The Big Bright Green Compost-Eating Machine


Who really wants to keep smelly food scraps in a fly-attracting bucket in their kitchen? That question is what led Gail Loos, a full-time marketer and mother of two, to develop the GreenCycler all-in-one compost shredder and storage system.

Loos originally designed the GreenCycler for her own use. In her home state of Colorado, she says, “it’s so cold that you don’t want to go outside to the compost bin.” So Loos improvised–she reconfigured the blades of a paper shredder to grind up food, put a carbon filter on the top of a plastic box (to reduce odor), added a charcoal filter and antimicrobial waste storage system to cut down on pests, made room for biodegradable waste bags, and stuck a hand-crank (with child safety lock, natch) on the side of the device.

The result: the GreenCycler, which was showcased for the first time at last week’s West Coast Green conference in San Francisco. Loos designed and built prototypes of the simple yet innovative device in less than two months. Already, she’s received inquiries from manufacturers who want to make the GreenCycler in bulk. “It hasn’t been out of the box for 24 hours, and already there’s so much interest,” Loos says.

The device isn’t on sale quite yet, but Loos expects it to retail for $99. Eventually, she plans on manufacturing a larger version for business use. We’re confident that Loos won’t lack for customers–especially in compost-conscious cities like San Francisco.

[The GreenCycler]

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