Printing Facebook Gives Hard-Copy Reassurance of Popularity

The FB Friend Poster

Do you love your friends? Can you just not get enough of them? Do you often spend hours combing over your friend list on Facebook, silently cherishing each and every one of them? Don’t you wish you could print out all their faces on a giant poster and hang it in your room?

Now you can!

A new site called Printing Facebook lets you buy a 20” x 40” high-resolution print of your Facebook friends’ faces. It’s “customizable,” which we assume means you can choose just which friends you want to appear on your poster, if you haven’t pruned your roster in a while, or if you’re one of those suckers who accepts every friend request. The posters go for $20. According to the Twitter feed of Benjamin Lotan, the brains behind the new site, he sold his first order today.

So what’s holding you up? You could have hard-copy, colorful proof of your wild popularity comforting each night you as you struggle to fall asleep. And if you don’t have enough friends to fill an enormous, scroll-like poster, then maybe Printing Facebook will be impetus to become more likeable–or accept all those requests from spam accounts.