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The Paris Motor Show begins tomorrow, but one car is already sucking all the air from the room: Jaguar's C-X75 concept car. Unveiled just last night, the sporty electric vehicle is meant to herald a new age of super-green super-cars. A single motor isn't enough to get this silky monster up to 205-mph. Rather, it has four of them — one for each wheel. Meanwhile, during heavy acceleration the batteries are topped-up with two recently invented, tiny gas-turbines — akin to jet engines, but small enough to be mounted in a car. The benefit of that, as opposed to a typical hybrid gas engine, is that turbines have fewer parts and thus weigh less. Jaguar is claiming a projected range of 560 miles (but as they admit, batteries still keep cars like this one from going on sale). Anyway! About the looks: The flowing lines were inspired by wind-tunnel visualizations of air being sucked into those micro turbines. That motif was carried through inside and out, as you can see in the pics below. Meanwhile, the car's basic proportions and style cues come from one of the most beautiful Jaguars ever made, the XJ13. Check it out: The vehicle was designed by a team led by Jaguar creative director Ian Callum, who is best known for his work on the gorgeous Aston Martin DB9. As Autoblog reports, most people have been stunned by the new concept, but critics have groused that it doesn't look enough like a Jag — which, come to think of it, is something of a problem for the company's entire line these days. [Via Autoblog]