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Adidas Revolution 30, the Jersey That Took Four Years of R&D

Light and breezy, even in 4XL.


This season's NBA jerseys are made from 60% recycled materials, but it's somewhat dubious that any of the 200 NBA players that helped developed it truly, in their hearts, care about that. What matters is that the Revolution really is a more comfortable jersey (or "a really comfortable dress," depending on your stature). It evaporates sweat almost 10 times as fast as normal athletic gear, and is designed to minimize seams, bunching and other friction areas on the human body using Adidas' Formotion design. Even the jersey numbers are made from more breathable mesh.

Adidas says it took four years to develop the Revolution, and after feeling one in your hands and studying the intricate patterns in the mesh, you’d believe it.

Price $250 USD. (Replica jersey: $55)

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