The Magellan Explorist: Finally, a Handsome GPS

A capable device for people who wish to avoid a rustic demise.

The Magellan Explorist: Finally, a Handsome GPS


Outdoor GPS devices have a long, storied tradition of feeling primitive in comparison to our other electronics. Until recently, they have largely been low-res, brightly-colored plastic turds: expensive, lumpy and loaded with incomplete map databases.

The Explorist catches up to the iPhone generation with a touch-screen, full color and loaded with worldwide maps — as well as a bunch of sharing software for plotting journeys, taking geo-tagged pictures and video (yes, it has a camera).

Does all this make you a softie? Yes, it sure does. But if a touch-screen GPS seems somehow frivolous, just remember that if a GPS is easier to use, it means you have less chance of getting lost and dying.

The Explorist comes in three colors.

Price: $349 – $549

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