Crank Bros. Candy Pedals Make Mountain Biking Delicious

Don’t eat them; they’re very expensive.

Crank Bros. Candy Pedals Make Mountain Biking Delicious

If you’re wondering why mountain bike pedals need to come in so many gorgeous colors, it’s because good pedals need to stand out as a source of pride. And they have quite a challenge when some bikes look like this thing (below) called the Specialized SX Trail II:

Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 12.36.12 AM


Crank Bros., the maker of the Candy pedal, is a small cycling company based in Laguna Beach, California in a small planar glass house. They’re just on the backside of a canyon with some of the best trails in Orange County. Sometimes people get eaten by cougars riding or running there, but that’s California for you.

Crank Bros. that has become famous for creating high-end components that feel more like jewelry than any bike part probably should. The elegant sprint-loaded clip-in design on this pedal (pioneered on a similar pedal called the Egg beater) uses no extraneous parts or screws, making this pedal simple to tear down, clean, and reassemble. An air & water tight body, needle bearings, and titanium screws ensure that you won’t have to.

Price $60 – $375 USD.

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