Lexmark Genesis Printer Combines Touchscreen With Devilishly Good Looks


This is Lexmark’s attempt to redesign the printer as we know it. They appear to be serious about the task, having made this printer look violently different than almost any other on the market. Which is exactly what you’d do if you believed that what you’d made the first intelligent printer in the history of small business. Then, you’d code-name it the Grail. This is exactly what Lexmark did.

Consumers will probably buy the Genesis because it looks like it can suck you physically inside that little blue screen, and this suggests limitless power. But small businesses will be the real beneficiaries. This potentially malevolent alien printer from the future can scan entire pages in a few seconds by using a 10MP internal camera to snap a huge photo, and it also connects with, an awesome open platform intranet software, Evernote and — for some reason — Twitter.

Yes, that portal of doom in the front is an iPhone-sized touchscreen.

On sale later this Fall at BestBuy and Lexmark’s online store. Price: $400 USD.

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