Stockholm Seaport Turns a Brighter Shade of Green [Video]

Stockholm Royal Seaport

Stockholm, already a green city, is getting even greener with a new commitment to its Royal Seaport District under construction. Though plans for the district have been in the works for years in one form or another, a full political commitment from the administration of Stockholm has just come through on Monday.

The 236-hectare former industrial site began basic soil remediation and infrastructure work this year, and will see its first occupants to move in within two years–though it won’t see an end to construction until 2025. By then, though, Stockholm wants its new Seaport District to reduce carbon emissions to 1.5 tons per person: greater energy efficiency, even, than its successful experiment with the Hammarby Sjöstad suburb.

Where other experiments in eco-cities have often focused on just one approach–energy consumption, say, or green materials–the Royal Seaport District takes “a holistic approach,” said spokeswoman Marlena Karlsson. Residents of the new district will be able to charge their electric cars at one of several charging stations–that is, the few that don’t opt to take advantage of extended city tram service or biogas-powered buses (or, for that manner, the many planned bike lanes).

Sound good to you? Better brush up on your Swedish. You can start by checking out this interactive map.


[Image: Stockholm Royal Seaport on Flickr]DZ