Green Revolution Gives Students Careers for the Future

College students gain work experience and earn money working as Green Consultants.

While the Great Recession has been declared officially over, the economic wreckage is still with us and will take years to repair. Unemployment is stuck near 10% and according to the OECD it will be 2013 or later until unemployment falls to pre-recession levels. The problem is particularly bad for young people, with unemployment over 50% for those between ages 16 and 24 during the summer, a historic high (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Tired of waiting for someone else to give them a job, many young people are turning to green consulting with companies like Green Revolution to create their own jobs.


After investing the time, effort and money to get a college education, waiting for jobs that never arrive can be a devastating blow. “There is a danger of a frustrated generation,” said the Secretary General of the OECD. It’s easy to get discouraged in an environment like this, but an increasing number of young people are taking matters into their own hands. Rather than looking for jobs they are making their own. They are finding a need and finding a way to fill it, and one of the best places to do this is with green businesses, finding their own way to make money and make a difference.

College students are a large, educated and motivate pool of workers eager to make a difference in the world, and the training and experience that young people receive by getting involved in sustainability now can translate into a lifetime of opportunities later. Josetta McLaughlin, Professor of Management at Roosevelt University in Chicago, said that corporations “are looking for people who understand the sustainability revolution that’s taking place.”

Building on these trends, Green Revolution has started the Green Consultant Program. This program represents a great opportunity for young professionals to gain free practical training and work experience for the future, while earning flexible part time income in a job they can be proud of.

Training is an important part of getting going as a green consultant, and Green Revolution has that base covered as well, with simple straightforward materials that are free for their consultants to use. “The training is completely free, which means Green Revolution’s interests are aligned with the consultant’s completely,” said Jonathan Friedman, CEO of Green Revolution. “We only succeed if they succeed with helping the environment and making money, which is how we are meeting our goal of empowering everyone to make a difference.”

Having lowered the barrier to entry into the green industry, which includes high training costs and unnecessary technical training, Green Revolution intends to fulfill its slogan of Sustainable Solutions For All. Get in touch with them to see how you can be a part of it. The more that they succeed, the more that we all do.

Glenn Croston is the author of “75 Green Businesses” and “Starting Green”, and the founder of Starting Up Green, helping green businesses to make money and make a difference.


About the author

Glenn Croston is the author of "75 Green Businesses" and "Starting Green", and the founder of Starting Up Green, helping green businesses to get started and grow.