Join Me & Joi Ito at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival, November 3-5!


I’m excited to announce that i’m going to be participating in the first Mozilla Drumbeat Festival on the Future of Learning, Freedom and the Web, in Barcelona, Spain this November 3-5.

Mozilla, the creators of the open-source Firefox, the #2 web browser by market share, conceives of Drumbeat as a “movement” of people building, improving, and defending the open web. They’re calling this gathering a festival instead of a conference because they actually want to use it to build stuff, try stuff out, and get projects going.   And there are some tremendously exciting projects already in the works. Peer2Peer University, which I’ve written about in the magazine, will be planning the next semester of their School of Webcraft, a free, open, online web development school that got going this fall and already has hundreds of students; and a bunch of people will be working on a badge project to recognize informal learning; others will be building a global open courseware catalogue and discovery tool, others a “hackerspace playground.”

I’ve got a project too: A new quick-book about the Future of Learning, Freedom and the Web. Mozilla is publishing it; it will be part document of the festival and part DIYU 2.0. I’ll be interviewing participants and collecting the best blogs, Tweets, wiki entries, and thoughts in all media on the state of learning, freedom and the web in 2010 and beyond. You’ll be able to follow the happenings here on as well.

If you’re interested in the conference or want to know more about the book, get in touch or go here.AK