Ethical Fashion Gets Its Own Week

With New York Fashion Week just behind us, it’s about time that the eco-designers of the world get their own center stage and they’ll get just that this week in the fashion capital of the world, Milan (or Milano, as they like to say). From today until Saturday, you can catch new designers and new brands showcasing a whole new breed of fashion–the sensitive kind.

Particularly compelling is the idea that the event, “so critical so fashion,” will “bring together fashion and ‘ethical consumerism’ to create a new lifestyle,” according to the press release. Whoa, lifestyle? Is this just bad Italian-to-English translation talking here? No, you’ll be happy to note, as the press release continues, “Clothing thus becomes more and more a symbolic and cultural value: from homologation and symbol of consumerism to sign of identity, tastes and values attached to the surrounding environment.”

So there you have it–eco-fashion is taking over the world, lifestyles and values and culture and all, and it’s starting in Milan.

[Image: Moku]JN