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The Company Men

The Company Men

The angst of white-collar men and their families in the age of corporate layoffs — sound familiar? Up in the Air rode the downbeat theme to $163 million at the box office and the 2009 Golden Globe for best screenplay. Now Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, and Tommy Lee Jones want in on the pathos with The Company Men. Affleck's character, Bobby Walker, is forced to trade in his country-club lifestyle and take up construction work after losing his executive position. With U.S. unemployment hovering above 9% for the past year, the timing may still be ripe, but was Clooney more believable as a disillusioned downsizer than Affleck is hauling plywood? We still remember those matching velour jumpsuits, Ben.
— JD

Fri, October 22
The Company Men

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