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National Fossil Day

Hiking, kayaking, camping — gawking at stegosaurus bones? Dinosaur fans are no strangers to museums, but at least 228 national-park areas offer a different view: "fossils in the ground, in their natural state," says Vince Santucci, chief ranger for the National Park Service. To get the word out — and help continue the recession-fueled 3.9% uptick in annual visitors, now that the economy shows signs of bouncing back — the park service announced the first National Fossil Day. The only downside to museum-worthy sites in the great outdoors? No velvet ropes mean grabby tourists take home bits and pieces as souvenirs. In fact, in 1957, Congress had to close South Dakota's Fossil Cycad National Monument after people stole all the surface-level fossils of the cycad, a dinosaur-age plant. Let's keep our hands to ourselves, people. — RA

Wed, October 13
National Fossil Day

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