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London Film Festival

Most filmmakers toil in obscurity for years before getting the chance to premiere at a world-class event like the London Film Festival. Not so for the winner of Unilever's Consumer Creative Challenge, a contest in which amateur moviemakers build a 60-second ad (filmercial?) around one of 13 brands in the conglomerate's portfolio — Close-up toothpaste, say, or Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The contest is not unique to London. Mofilm, which manages the Unilever competition, also does so for festivals from Tribeca to Cannes to Shanghai, with brands including Pepsi, Visa, and HP. "I'm always surprised at how much time people spend on their ads," says Unilever VP Babs Rangaiah. One entry for Unilever's detergent brand Omo, by Tamara Rosenfeld, a 25-year-old recent film grad, so inspired the company that it commissioned "sequels" set in China, Brazil, and France. — JV

Wed, October 13
London Film Festival

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