World Congress of Neurotechnology

Ah, the 1950s. The war was won, populations were populating, and
babies boomed. But six decades later, a new specter haunts Europe and
North America: age. In America, more than 5 million baby boomers suffer
from Alzheimer’s, costing the nation $172 billion annually and
siphoning productivity from 10.9 million unpaid caregivers. And cases
of age-related neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s, and stroke are expected to spike. Rising to meet this
threat is the first-ever World Congress of Neurotechnology, in Rome,
which aims to turn often-disparate fields of neuroscience —
neurosurgery, neuropsychiatry, neuro-oncology, and so on — into a
unified tech-driven force for creating potent new weapons in the
upcoming battle for the brain. — CD

Tue, October 12

World Congress of Neurotechnology

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