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RIM Rumors: Is BlackBerry Behind the Times?

RIM Storm 3

Poor Research in Motion. Two fresh rumors put the company in a decidedly dim light, despite its (surprisingly) strong showing in the smartphone stakes. Leaked of the Storm 3 smartphone seem outdated already, and the forthcoming BlackBerry tablet may be saddled with the awful name "SurfPad."

The SurfPad name comes courtesy of a patent filing in Canada, part of the usual round of pre-launch IP protection that most companies do the filing for this happened in early August. That's pretty recent, and would only be a scant couple of months ahead of the rumored launch date for the BlackBerry tablet. If that proves to be the name, it's a big shame. The previously suggested name, BlackPad, sounds like a better competitor to the other tablets hitting the scene, and would leverage RIM's potent BlackBerry brand.

Meanwhile a leaked photo purports to show the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3. It's got a bigger screen, at 3.7-inches versus the earlier 3.2-inch size on Storm handsets, and the leak confirmed that there was 8GB of storage aboard. There was no word on the earlier rumor of Wi-Fi in the device (which would fit well with the "traveling businessman" theme of most BlackBerrys).

Which leaves us with a speculative spec list for the Storm 3: 3.7-inch screen, 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera and a late-2010 launch on Verizon. Which makes it sound like a late-arriving clone of the iPhone 4—one that lacks any of the Apple device's panache.

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