BMW Flaunts Affairs With iPad, BlackBerry, Google

BMW was one of the first car manufacturers to integrate the iPod into its car designs. It was also one of the first to integrate the iPhone. Keeping with that love of all things Apple, BMW is planning to introduce integration with the iPad at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Announced today, the German automobile maker is upgrading ConnectedDrive, its Ford Sync-like system that aims to seamlessly integrate technology and entertainment in vehicles, providing passengers with access to media, Internet, and other communication tools. BMWs will soon feature iPad docking bays on back seats, which swivel and rotate. Using ConnectedDrive, the car will act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing iPads and other devices to connect online.

What’s more, BMW has created Bluetooth interface technology for Apple’s iOS 4, which will fully integrate the iPhone 4 into its vehicles. GPS, music, and phone calls will all be available through the system, which attaches to the passenger-side dashboard. BMW is also adding BlackBerry integration, enabling passengers to access email, which can be read aloud with ConnectedDrive’s text-to-speech function.

Lastly, BMW is expanding its integration with Google. For example, when a destination is entered into the car’s navigation system, images of the location can now be displayed in the car’s on-board monitor thanks to Google Panoramio, the Google Earth service that maps user-uploaded photographs.

These new features and integrations offer a modern image of the future of driving, but expect even more details when BMW shows off the tech at the Paris Motor Show this October.AC