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Another Mother Moment: Choosy Moms Select Sustainable Brands

Are moms the most untapped market in sustainability-related product campaigns?

Another Mother Moment: Choosy Moms Select Sustainable Brands

Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken TV dinner

Yesterday we reported on the recent Cone findings that moms are the most receptive demographic to cause marketing efforts, and now more reports are coming out about just how receptive moms really are. Organic food and beverage brands, such as Kashi and Bear Naked, top the rankings for EcoAware moms, a term used by the research group, EcoFocus Worldwide. In their latest report, they reveal, "EcoAware Moms want the brands they know and trust to offer more choices that are eco-friendly. And they expect the manufacturers who are experts in their categories to be the innovators and creators of eco-friendly and sustainable choices," said EcoFocus Consumer Insights and Research Leader, Lisa Harrison.

The report reveals that Yoplait has fallen behind other brands, as has Frito Lay, and what appeals to moms, especially, is the humor and sense of fun imbibed in such campaigns as Bear Naked's, for example. EcoFocus found that the company's playful graphics appeal to moms.

And echoing Cone, EcoFocus says that moms' behavior around sustainability has to do with parenting style—making eco-friendly choices is a way to express care for the environment and the world in which their children live.

The findings of both EcoFocus and Cone reveal huge opportunities for companies to innovate in cause branding and cause-related items targeting moms. "EcoAware Moms are a receptive target market for sustainability. They are rethinking their decisions and often making new choices, creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses offering sustainable solutions for everyday living," said EcoFocus CEO, Linda Gilbert.

"This is low hanging fruit that is ripe for harvest by marketers. These consumer driven opportunities are often surprisingly simple, immediately actionable, and profitable for companies to execute," said Gilbert.