Are You Reading This During Sex? [Updated]


Our undying love for the Internet has gone a bit too far, according to a recent study claiming that almost a quarter of U.S. residents think it’s acceptable to be online during sex. The study, conducted by computer security firm PC Tools, surveyed 1,012 U.S. adults in a random phone poll.

PC Tools’ study also highlights some other disturbing trends in Internet connectivity. According to the poll, 29% of Americans think it’s okay to be “plugged in” during a honeymoon, 26% stay connected during fancy dinners, 8% surf the Web during religious services, and 6% are online during weddings.

We buy that people check their BlackBerrys during dinner, but we’re not sure what it means to be connected to the Internet during sex. Is PC Tools trying to tell us that nearly a quarter of Americans are simultaneously getting it on and reading work emails? Or are they just watching Internet porn? We’re still waiting for an answer from PC Tools.

Update: PC Tools tells us that participants were asked the following: In which of the following situations, if any, do you think people
should ‘unplug’? By ‘unplug’ we mean turn off computer and electronic
devices such as smart phones, PDA’s, and handheld computers so that you
cannot be reached.” So apparently, nearly 75% of those polled think people should turn off their smart phones altogether during sex. Now that’s dedication.

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