Why The Killers, Joshua Davis Partnered With Internet Explorer 9

The Killers website

Internet Explorer has always been a little on the clunky side–until now. As we explained earlier, one of the ways Internet Explorer 9 challenges its competitors is by supporting HTML5 (the latest version of HTML) and all the immersive app-like features that come with it. Combined with Microsoft’s new Javascript engine, dubbed Chakra, the latest iteration of is IE9 is–dare we say it–sleek and speedy. It’s easy to see, then, how Microsoft attracted big-name development partners like eBay, Twitter, and Orbitz. But why would design-oriented sites want to get in on IE9?

Developers already speak [HTML]. By adding app-like capabilities, creativity explodes. “There are fewer inhibitors, fewer boundaries,” says Sam Moreau, the User Experience Director for Internet Explorer.

That lack of boundaries is what inspired The Killers to optimize their new website for IE9. “For some time there’s been an internal debate about having the website that the band
envisions with Flash-type functionality, rich user experience,
interactivity,” says Rob Reynolds, the Killers’ manager. The band’s dream website was hindered by the fact that Flash sites don’t work for many users. But HTML5 allows for Flash-type performance in HTML, and now “we have the website that the band wants,” Reynolds says.

Joshua Davis, a Web designer and pioneer in the use of Flash-based art, also partnered with IE9 for his latest interactive creation, the Endless Mural. He admits that it was a challenge to make the site without using a plug-in, but ultimately, he was impressed with both the speed and agility of HTML5 in IE9. “People can see [on Endless Mural] that HTML5 can be damn sexy stuff.”

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