E-Fuel MicroFusion Reactor: An Ethanol Production Device Made for Home


Ethanol’s key ingredient, sugar water, has a new friend in the form of the E-Fuel MicroFusion Reactor, a new technology with the ability to process the almost 1 billion tons of organic waste material produced in the United States every year, which, with the help of the device, can then be turned into 100 billion gallons of fuel at a limited or zero cost. The potential of the E-Fuel MicroFusion Reactor provides a significant alternative to landfills and other waste depositories, thus greatly reducing environmental burdens.

“The method of wood hydrolysis dissolves any wood or other cellulosic agricultural material in a manner that is residue free,” said the official press release. The technology processes the waste every two minutes and waste is completely eliminated. “The sugar water is fermented by the MicroFueler into ethanol. The lignin is a valuable substance used in the pharmaceutical industry as an ingredient in various cancer fighting drugs among other things.”

The cost of ethanol production is thus lowered to about $0.56/gallon. The product is meant for home use, garbage sites, schools, and other large institutional facilities. Currently in Series A financing, a public demonstration will be made of the technology 90 days after closing the initial round. We’ll keep our eye on this and let you know what we find out.

“The MicroFusion Reactor is a major breakthrough in the world’s quest to rid itself from fossil fuels. What used to take the commercial industry days to accomplish can now be accomplished in minutes safely by ordinary consumers, said CEO of E-Fuel, Tom Quinn.

[Top photo via flickr/jurvetson]JN