Steve Jobs Is a Ninja, Carries Throwing Stars

Steve Jobs ninja

Apple CEO Steve Jobs slices and dices competitors–with the help of ninja throwing stars, apparently.

According to a report from Japan’s SPA! magazine, Jobs was stopped at Kansai International Airport in July after metal detectors were set off from his carry-on luggage. Inside, officials allegedly discovered ninja throwing stars, likely a memento from his family vacation, and barred him from boarding his private jet with the weapons.

SPA! reports that Jobs argued (appropriately) that it wouldn’t make any sense for him to hijack his own plane–Ka-Pow!–and that he would never visit Japan again–Bam! So we’ve now learned the 11th lesson from Apple: Carry ninja throwing stars.

While the story sounds questionable, especially coming from a Japanese tabloid [on Tuesday, Apple said the incident described was “Apple has since called this report “pure fiction.”) pure fiction.”] at least one source has indicated the story could be true. According to Takeshi Uno, a Kansai airport spokesperson, a passenger boarding a private jet was stopped for carrying “shuriken,” or ninja throwing stars. However, he could not identify the passenger’s identity due to the airport’s privacy policy, although he did say the passenger threw away the stars.

So, was Steve Jobs the mysterious ninja boarding his private jet with throwing stars? Apple has declined to comment, perhaps wanting our imaginations to run wild with thoughts of their chief exec’s ninja adventures.

And now, customers may think twice before complaining of the iPhone’s reception issues.AC