• 09.10.10

Infographics: Happy 15th Birthday, PlayStation

Except for maybe the Game Boy, Sony’s PlayStation is the most recognizable brand in gaming–and today, it turns 15. These infographics celebrate PlayStation as well as giving some insight into gamer snack preferences (spoiler: pizza).

This infographic and timeline come to us direct from Sony itself (via Kotaku), which makes us feel a little bit like we’re shilling, but makes us want to play Crash Bandicoot even more. Speaking of which, where is Crash Bandicoot on that section for favorite first-party character?


But the infographic is also partly about gamers, and how weird and socially inept they are, which is always an illuminating area of study. 23% of those surveyed refuses to “date anyone that sets limits of my gaming,” and one in five gamers have played a game for more than ten hours straight. But not necessarily with snacks alongside them–33% of those surveyed say they do not snack at all during gaming sessions, as they “need to concentrate.” (Unsurprisingly, those who do snack aren’t grabbing haute cuisine, but rather chips and pizza in nearly equal measure.)

PlayStation has been a fixture in gaming since launch. Back in the late 1990s, the original PlayStation destroyed the Sega Saturn and Nintendo N64, and sold over 140 million PS2s by this time last year. Though neither the PSP nor the PS3 have been huge hits for Sony, the PlayStation brand is still one of the most formidable in the medium’s short history. Happy birthday, PlayStation.

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