ATTENTION: This Guy Knows His Stuff

I’ve known Jim Kukral ever since I met him at BlogWorld a few years ago; and I can easily say that I’ve been a fan ever since. Jim’s just that kinda dude.

The world of internet marketing (read: making money online) can, at times, be a thinly veiled popularity contest. In the years that I’ve known Jim, I’ve never gotten that vibe from him. He’s always approachable, generous and searingly honest (I’ve had some high-level coaching sessions with him where I had to take my own medicine, so I know of what I speak.)

So, when Jim told me he was writing a book called: ATTENTION: This Book Will Make You Money, I knew that he was going to come with the realness – how could he not with a title like that?? And, man am I glad that Jim’s not in the business of disappointing.

He’s got a lot going on, especially now that the book’s out, but he took some time out to chat with me (I told you, he keeps it real) about the book and what he refers to as, “emptying your head into your wallet”. LOVE THAT!

P.S. The deal on p. 277 really is insane. The man’s got guts.

Listen in: