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Even Kids Have Cell Phones, So T-Mobile's Using Them as a PR Tool

kid with cellphone

Here's a measure of how far cell phones have permeated into our society: T-Mobile is launching a new promotion that means your kids can get free ones. It's to keep us all connected.

T-Mobile's new "Kids are Free" means anyone who signs up for a new contract between now and November 2nd (and also, impressively enough, existing customers) on a family plan can get free lines for up to three of their kids. Customers are liable for taxes, fees, and activation charges ... but the monthly service fee is waived until 2012.

T-Mobile's Ashley White notes the company is trying to make it "more affordable than ever for families to add their kids or other family members" to keep in touch using its services. The communications company cites a recent Pew survey that found 75% of children aged 12 to 17 already carry a cell phone as being motivation, and from this we can deduce two things.

First, T-Mobile has worked out that there's a lucrative new market out there, one that's worth giving up all that lost income from those free lines they're giving away: Kids. The company is probably hoping to get a little of that "hook 'em while they're young" thinking, hoping for income from long-term brand loyalty. And also it's aiming at those additional fees that families will undoubtedly rack-up when they go beyond the terms of their new contracts, now that having a cell phone so gosh darn convenient.

Second, with kids used to involving cell phones in their daily life from such an early age, and the smartphone revolution in-bound, all of those exciting patents and predictions about future phones (how we'll be using our cell phones as pocket devices to manage pretty much everything) look much more likely. Health concerns anyone?

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