• 09.08.10

New York Fashion Week to Include Designer Sex Toys

Get them while they last.

As New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow, here’s the lowdown on a little, but very edgy, company and magazine, Love Contemporary, showcasing designer sex toys throughout fashion week. Love Contemporary is a progressive, artsy publication that debuted in January, focusing on the theme of love and modernity and with offices in Miami, New York, and Helsinki, the transnational team has not only been busy writing, they’ve also been busy marketing sex toys. Love Contemporary is thus not a magazine in isolation, but rather an entire brand, encompassing a particular philosophy of modern love and in that vein, they organize parties, in-your-face art installations, and sell pleasure products.


“NY artist Page Goss is creating a lightbox installation of 69 designer sex toys, which will travel around the hot spots of the Week, such as runway shows, Editor’s Dinner, and related evening parties,” Love Contemporary Co-founder Ville Ailio tells Fast Company. If that’s not enough, “We’ll have our Love Contemporary ‘C-spot’ staff following the installation, handing out our magazine and discussing themes of love and sexuality.” This is modern proselytization at its best.

Love Contemporary’s next issue is out in November and will surely get a boost from their involvement in this season’s New York Fashion Week. If you’re still hungry for more after catching them at the above, they’ll also be at the Capsule trade show this month.

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Jenara is an overseas reporter for Fast Company and a freelance writer/producer in Asia, regularly on CNNGo, and a graduate of Harvard and UC Berkeley.