Retro Car Goes From Canada to Mexico on a Single Tank


Energy efficiency has only recently become a popular concern among vehicle owners, but some people have been thinking about it for a long, long time. Craig Henderson and Bill Green designed the Avion, a fuel-efficient sports car, in 1984. Two years later, the vehicle set the Guinness World Record for fuel economy, getting an average of 103.7 mpg all the way from the Mexico border to the British Columbia, Canada,
border. Now Henderson has revived the Avion for another jaunt from Canada to Mexico.

The latest iteration of the vehicle is just 1500 pounds and features an aluminum monocoque frame, a carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass body, and Goodyear “Fuel Max” tires. After receiving a sponsorship deal from Goodyear, Henderson decided to go from border to border once again–this time, on a single tank of gas.

Jalopnik reports that Henderson began his latest journey on August 29th. He stopped only to go to the bathroom, grab food, and catch a night’s rest. The result: Henderson burned only 12.4 gallons on his journey to the Mexican border for a fuel economy of 119.1 mpg, breaking his own Guinness World Record from 1986. (He drove at a pretty constant 55 mph.)

Henderson is gearing up for limited commercial production of the Avion. If our fascination with fuel economy is any indication, he won’t have any trouble selling it.

Below, check out a video about the Avion from 1982.

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