The Most Influential Celebrities on Twitter

Who do you think has more influence, Kim Kardashian or Martha Stewart? If you picked the jail-bird, you’d be wrong: homemaking expertise has nothing on bold badonkadonk. At least on Twitter.

According to a new analysis by social media guru Dan Zarrella (who previously helped us learn Steve Jobs‘ presentation techniques), the Kardashian sisters are some of the most influential celebrities on Twitter. By studying click-through rates–the amount of clicks a tweeted link receives–Zarrella was able to graph celebs’ influence on their followers (see chart below). Some of the names are not so surprising (Ashton Kutcher), but others, including British actor Stephen Fry and poet laureate “Weird Al” Yankovic, may come as more of a shock.

Influence comes in many forms. The Kardashian sisters may gain more clicks because of the many provocative photographs they tweet. On the other hand, someone like Lance Armstrong may reach more fans because of his powerful message. And then there are those who have a perhaps more “nerdy” following, such as “Weird Al,” Stephen Fry, and Felicia Day. “Felicia is probably high because she’s a web star so her followers are more web savvy and likely to follow her links,” Zarrella says.

“Alyssa Milano is my favorite example,” he continues. “She has less followers than most of the others on the list, but drives huge traffic.”

Zarrella’s findings certainly echo a recent study by HP Labs, which concluded that influence online had nothing to do with sheer numbers–especially on Twitter–but how much users could be swayed from the passive to the active.

Don’t tell that to Biz Stone.