WWF Green Game Changers Initiative Is a Central Bank for Business Innovation

Looking for examples on how to best green your business? A central list of the companies that can get you started might help. Enter the World Wildlife Fund’s Green Game Changers initiative, a so-called “crowd-sourcing exercise” that asks companies to submit examples of green policies, products and business models that cut down on environmental impact and biodiversity loss.

The U.K-based initiative doesn’t officially launch until next week, but the WWF already has approximately 20 case studies on its website. Some of them are well-known–Better Place is listed as an innovator in the transportation sector–and others, like Magenn Power, are still under the radar.

Anyone can submit case studies to the site, but the WWF will be monitoring it to make sure that only credible companies are listed. If the site catches on, we imagine that it could be invaluable to companies looking for a sustainability starting point. If you want to increase your water efficiency, for example, just check out these case studies of intelligent buildings, low-water washing machines, and water recycling.

Have better examples from your own company? Submit them here and help build up the WWF’s database.

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