Google Chrome Updates to Version 6, Slims Down Even More

Google Chrome

Google Chrome may have been late to the browser game compared to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, but in two short years it’s managed to become a formidable option–maybe even the best browser around–and is gaining market share fast (up to 7.5% these days).

The most notable new features include a streamlined UI, form autofill, and extension syncing. The UI change is what will hit most users first. The already-sleek UI is trimmed down even more, reducing the two menu icons (the wrench and paper page) into just the one, and moving the “bookmark this page” icon into an interior menu.

Power users, or those who jaunt back and forth between computers, will love the extension sync feature, which keeps all of your extensions handy no matter what machine you’re using. Extensions are synced just like bookmarks, preferences, and themes–just sign in, and it’s like being at home. Same with the autofill form feature, making it easier to fill out the many forms that require all the same information.

The changes may be minor, but they’re all welcome. If you haven’t checked out Chrome, I’d really recommend it–it’s my personal favorite browser, thanks to its speed, flexibility, lightweight size, and the do-everything search bar. The newest version of Chrome can be downloaded for free here.

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