The Season’s Best Headphones and Earbuds

The Season’s Best Headphones and Earbuds

Skullcrushers, $80

The brand’s signature model (endorsed by Snoop Dogg) features a pair of mini subwoofers to amp up the bass. Your skull will not actually be crushed. We promise.

Plattan headphones, $60

A “zound plug” on the right ear cap lets friends plug into your headphones and hear what you’re hearing. Good-bye, awkward earbud sharing.

MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds, $300

Ultra-clear and headache-free, these were the best earbuds we tested — and, based on quality, value, and the fact that you won’t look obnoxious walking down the street with them on, our favorite headphones overall. Sony’s digital technology senses your environment (plane, train, office) and adjusts the noise-canceling level.

The Classic, $60


The industrial-design-inspired Classic features an iPhone- and BlackBerry-compatible mic to let you answer calls. The ingenious fabric cord keeps you tangle free.

Noise Canceling MM450, $590

Probably the only thing that’s not perfect about these headphones? The high price. Otherwise, you can’t beat the wireless listening, Bluetooth compatibility, top-notch noise cancellation, impeccable sound quality, and collapsible design for extreme portability.