Pepsi Refresh Project Announces Do Good for the Gulf Finalists

Pepsi Refresh

Earlier this summer, Pepsi announced that it would dole out $1.3 million in grants for Gulf oil disaster-related projects as part of the Refresh Project, Pepsi’s online cause marketing campaign that asks participants how the company should give away cash. Now the wisdom of the crowd has whittled down potential Do Good for the Gulf grant recipients to 32 finalists.

The final projects span a variety of themes, but they all have one thing in common: They impact local communities and are implementable in a year or less. Among our favorites: a $250,000 grant for mental health services for oil disaster victims, a $50,000 grant to provide shelter to animals that lost their homes after the oil disaster, and a $25,000 grant to build seafood farms to help displaced seafood workers.

The winners won’t be announced until September 22, but a Refresh Project representative tells us that the finalists are virtually guaranteed to get cash barring any paperwork issues.

Even after Do Good for the Gulf ends, the larger Refresh Project will continue. Pepsi plans to give out a total of $20 million in grants in 2010 in six categories: Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter,
The Planet, Neighborhoods and Education.

[Do Good for the Gulf]

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