New Multitouch Apple Nano Is the Dick Tracy Watch for a New Generation


In the middle of revamping its entire iPod lineup, Apple released the newly redesigned iPod Nano. It’s a totally different beast, packing a multitouch interface onto its diminutive 3-cm screen.

Apple revealed it’s sold over 275 million iPods thus far, so lavishing some serious attention on the lineup (which has been seeing a slight dip in its sales growth of late) makes perfect business sense. The biggest reinvention was the iPod Nano, which we’d heard a lot of rumors about over the last couple of weeks. Turns out those rumors were pretty accurate indeed (check our rendering in that link, by the way!).

The new iPod Nano is a tiny square-format, metal-chassis device that reminds us more of the second-generation iPod Shuffle more than anything else. Steve Jobs noted that consumers liked the screen and the buttons of iPods, but the intention of the redesign was to shrink the gadget and make it lighter–the only way to do this was to ditch the venerable click wheel. In its place comes a touchscreen, to cover both user needs. It’s also multitouch, which is surprising on a device that’s almost as small as a Dick Tracy wristwatch.

The Nano can play movies, photos, music and all the usual basic iPod goodness. It’ll cost $150 for an 8GB version, and $180 for a 16GB unit, and there’s also a Project RED charitable version coming too. Did Apple just swoop-in and completely re-ennervate the mid-range MP3 player market?

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