iPhone Users Way Into Sex, Chicken, Fish Food: Survey

A recent survey by online dating service OkCupid found that iPhone users have more sex than Android users. In that same vein, a new study finds iPhone users are “chicken-eating, diaper-changing, house-cleaning, People-reading fish owners,” whereas Android users are “pork-eating, pain-relieving, toilet-scrubbing, Newsweek-reading bird-lovers.” At least according to a survey by released today.

As a kick-off for National Coupon Month, the digital coupon company culled data and shopping habits over a seven-month period from the 1 million users of Grocery iQ, a popular app available for the iPhone and Android that integrates’s service. The results? Very odd.

iPhone users, for example, purchase fish food 26.2 times more than Android users. Take that Android! Now, you have less sex–and pet fish playtime!

Any more ego-stroking comparisons? According to the survey, coupons for baby products were “overwhelmingly more popular” with iPhone users–these offers were used 41.7 more times than on Androids. Why? Because obviously they’re having more sex! Conversely, Android users were two-times as likely to purchase pain relief products.

Seriously though,’s survey reveals possibly the most bizarre comparisons of iPhone and Android users. iPhone users purchase more women’s body wash; Android users purchase more toilet bowl cleaner; and both love dinner meats. Who cares?

Until the following bars move, showing Android and BlackBerry sex-use is on the rise, we’re not interested in how much fish food iPhone users consume.