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Swedish Prosecutor Reopens Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange

Julian Assange

A Swedish prosecutor has today reopened the rape investigation on Wikileaks frontman Julian Assange. The enigmatic Australian had been accused of rape by a Swedish woman, who reported him to police, sparking a mammoth flurry of conspiracy theories.

However, despite the case being dismissed by Stockholm's chief prosecutor last week, the woman's attorney appealed the decision, and now Sweden's Director of Public Prosecution, Marianne Ny, has decided to reopen the case, including another complaint against Assange, of sexual coercion and sexual molestation. In a statement, Ny said "more investigations are necessary before a final decision can be made." The DPP also told AP, "We went through all the case material again, including what came in [Tuesday] and that's when I made my decision."

You get the sense that Assange is comfortable with being at the top of everyone's newsfeed (although it's plain to see he prefers print to digital). Although an arrest warrant from the Pentagon doesn't seem forthcoming, a rape investigation from a Swedish prosecutor will probably have the desired effect—and that's to keep Assange and Wikileaks at the top of the agenda.

Ny's actions reopen the entire can of conspiracy-theory worms. Is this a global campaign against freedom of speech? Perhaps Ny is a secret ladyfriend of the Illuminati. Wasn't she seen at the Biederbecke Group AGM earlier this summer? And if anyone loves himself conspiracy-theory worms on toast—with a side order of theatricality—it's Assange. His parents ran a traveling theater group and, post-divorce, his mother moved dozens of times with Assange and his half brother in order to evade her ex, convinced she was being tracked by the government. This has obviously rubbed off on the badger-haired Wikileaks dude.

There's no doubt he's got a strange charisma. At 39 years old, he's not unattractive—especially for Emo fans—and he's possibly good company. Sweden, which is now hosting the Wikileaks servers, in a Cold War bunker in the middle of Stockholm. If the DPP has her way, there is a chance that it won't just be the Wikileaks data that's languishing in an impenetrable fortress.