iFive: U.K. Labour’s Woes, NASA Tests in Utah, Social Media Regulation, HP and the Navy, Name Conan’s New Show

Outovation. That’s far-out innovation.

While you were sleeping, innovation was getting sweary and looking for a bunker to hide in.


1. We all know that, in life, timing is everything. And so, what to make of the fact that, as the British Labour party goes to the polls to determine its new leader, the party’s most successful leader, Tony Blair, releases his memoirs. Anyone looking eastwards toward Blighty may see a slightly putrid cloud arising above the island. That‘s what bombshells being dropped look like.

2. NASA has been testing stuff in Utah. Its next-generation big rocket booster has been blowing a stationary vapor trail at the ATK facility–ATK being the booster manufacturer. Results of the test were described as excellent, with a thumbs-up for thrust and pressure.

3. Social networking is to be regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the U.K., reports The Guardian. Thanks to a $307,000 contribution from Google–they must be praying that Facebook will land itself in it–company websites, and corporate accounts on Twitter, Facebook and the like will be monitored from March 1 of next year.

4. Wired‘s Defense dude, Noah Schachtman, aims a zinger at HP, claiming that the tech giant is holding the U.S. Navy to ransom–$3.3 billion-worth of ransom to be exact. It paints a grim picture of tech life in the services: the crappy laptops and mail systems that the sailors have to endure; the cost of equipment; and the naivété of the top brass in allowing HP to keep the intellectual property of the tech. HP is trying to divert incoming fire from these revelations by waving their Fall range of shiny new laptops–look! Turquoise! Pink! Apple-y stuff!–in people’s faces.

5. And finally, Conan O’Brien is set to unveil the name of his new show today. He can’t have Conan tout court, as it’s licensed by the firm that puts out Conan the Barbarian merchandise. iFive suggests these: Just Conan. Conanism. Bonan O’Cryin. C.O.N.A.N. (to the tune of Ottowan’s D.I.S.C.O.). Shaving Private O’Brien. That beard has got to go.

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