International Manufacturing Technology Show

Fly fast, look good, and make money — is there anything more to ask
for? How about getting oohed and ahhed over by your industry peers?
Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin recently secured a $5 billion contract
with the Pentagon; Uncle Sam plans to buy as many as 2,443 of its F-35
Lightning II Joint Strike fighter planes, which Lockheed boasts have
“unmatched lethality and survivability.” A full-scale model of the
$65-million-plus jet will be front and center at this biennial Chicago
show. “That aircraft is the aircraft of the future,” says John Krisko,
IMTS director of exhibitions, and it’s a top-notch example of “the end
result of what our machines make.” Pretty fly. — RA

Mon, September 13

International Manufacturing Technology Show

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