Taxpayer March on Washington

“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and paying taxes,” Ben
Franklin once said. The Tea Party would dissent — why are taxes a
must? Last year, tens of thousands of members, along with folks from
FreedomWorks and the Institute for Liberty, heeded conservative pundit
Glenn Beck’s call to action and took to the streets of Washington,
D.C., in what organizers called the largest gathering of American
fiscal conservatives to date. This year’s crowd is expected to be just
as big — and its message no more cohesive, ranging from anti-tax
cheers to signs picketing health-care reform and the Obama
administration. Pressed for insight, attendee Jennifer Bernstone
explains, “We went to D.C. because it was the right thing to do.” Um,
thanks. — SUZY EVANS

Sun, September 12

Taxpayer March on Washington

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