Fashion’s Night Out

Created to encourage spending in a sinking economy, last year’s
inaugural Fashion’s Night Out delivered a star-studded night to
shoppers — the Olsen twins even served drinks at Barneys New York. Its
success — a 3.4% increase in that day’s retail traffic nationwide and
nearly 50% in Manhattan — made its return a no-brainer. But, of
course, each year has to be more fierce and fabulous than the last. To
that end, 16 countries have signed on to host a 2010 Fashion’s Night
Out, creating a 10-day worldwide event. “If you’re a globe-trotter, you
could potentially hit every country,” says Susan Portnoy, the event’s
spokesperson. “It’s possible.” And you thought the fashion industry was
excessive. — SS

Fri, September 10

Fashion’s Night Out

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