Not-Back-to-School Days

“School is no place for kids,” says Helen Hegener, publisher of Home Education Magazine
and proud mother of five home schooled children. “Strap young growing
minds in a seat for eight hours a day? I don’t think so.” Roll your
eyes, maybe, but homeschooling is on the rise: Since 2000, the number
of homeschooled students in the U.S. has doubled to 1.82 million, or 3%
of all children, some of whom will travel to Disneyland for this fourth
annual home-education conference. The best way to combat skeptics?
Outsmart them, says Hegener. “When my daughter was 14, school kids
tested her on the multiplication tables. They hit 12 x 12 and had to
stop, because their little song ended. But my daughter was able to keep
going.” — SS

Wed, September 08

Stay Home
Not-Back-to-School Days

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