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iFive: Pakistan Floods Worsen, Facebook Nixes ARM Rumor, Bing's Food Cart Search, Emmys Get Tweet Intros, Angry Birds the Movie

While you were sleeping, innovation was picking out the decor for the snug area on its private jet.

1. Rain is again forecast in Pakistan today, putting the country's people at risk again. With 800,000 only reachable via air, emergency workers are asking for helicopters and boats. One-tenth of the population has been affected by the floods. Pakistan's cricketers have handed over half of their bonuses from beating England in the third Test last week—that's another $54,000 to the fund, Angelina Jolie has pledged $100,000, but the U.N. fund has only reached half of its target so far.

2. The juicy little rumor that did the rounds yesterday about Facebook going for ARM chips at their new server farm in Oregon has been quashed by the firm's VP of technical operations, Jonathan Heiliger. "This story is completely false," he wrote in a comment. Three Colombian teens have been murdered after their names were put on a hit list and posted on Facebook. A criminal gang from the town of Puerto Asis is thought to be behind the violence.

3. Portlandites rejoice, because Bing has just launched a search option that lets users find out which food carts are where at which times of the day. Only residents of the Oregon city will be satiated for the moment—250 carts are reviewed, located, rated, and their menus listed. Expect the idea to spread to other cities soon.

4. Jimmy Fallon will be tweeting at this weekend's Emmys. Scratch that: Jimmy Fallon will be using Twitter to source the best introductions for up to 15 of the presenters of the awards, who include Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Ricky Gervais, and Steven Colbert. The most innovative introductory tweet submitted will get the 15 seconds of scriptwriting fame—plus their twitter handle broadcast to the masses. Less ZOMG was the Climate Camp protest group's use of Twitter in Edinburgh last weekend. It. Didn't. Work.

5. You've catapulted them on your touchscreen, now buy the plushy and see the movie. Angry Birds is going from mobile to global, with news that there are moves to turn the iPhone and iPad game into a movie and cuddly toys. Should that not be enough for you, there's a lo lo lo lo lo-fi version available, created using balls and cardboard boxes. Furreal.