iFive: Goggles Coming to iPhone, Google Ads Can’t Fund Magazines, Cairn Energy, Smelling Robot, Russian Criminal Life

While you were sleeping, innovation was going retrofuturistic with posters like this–and these.

retro posters

1. Dave Petrou, an engineer on the Google Goggles mobile image search project, revealed that a Goggles app for iPhone is in the works. He also shed some more light on the concept at Stanford University’s Hot Chip conference yesterday. But will Uncle Steve will give the app the thumbs-up for inclusion in the App Store? It seems possible, since the Google Mobile App is now allowing push notifications directly to your iPhone.

2. A British business specializing in digital versions of magazines has revealed just how much money Google Ads can make for established magazines. “Nuppence ha’penny.” Hah! It could be proof, says paidContent, that charged access or digital subs, is a more likely route to revenue. It also means that the bar for iAds is set very low.

3. British energy firm Cairn Energy has struck the black gold near Greenland. The Greenpeace vessel Esperanza is already off the Greenland coast, being confronted by a Danish warship. Meanwhile, Vedanta’s controversial bauxite mine on the site of a sacred mountain has been given the no-go by the Indian Government.

4. Japanese scientists have developed a robot with a sense of smell. The automaton (in the video below) which will be used to sniff out toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide, shakes its head when it senses certain pheromones. Rumors that the robot nods its head and stamps its feet when it hears CeeLo’s new track are, as yet, unfounded.

5. Earlier this month, Vladislav A. Horohorin was arrested by the French authorities with a view to extraditing him to the U.S. to face fraud and identity theft charges. The New York Times has the story, and with it, an interesting view into Russia’s criminal world.