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Motive Industries' Cannabis Composite EV Satisfies Your Need for Speed, Weed

Motive Industries recently announced plans for Canada's first biocomposite electric vehicle—made of hemp. Will cops have automatic probable cause to search it?

Motive Kestrel

In a move that will only strengthen the association between potheads and environmentalism, Motive Industries recently announced that it is working on Canada's first biocomposite electric vehicle. The biocomposite in question? Hemp.

The vehicle, dubbed the Kestrel, gets its hemp from Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF), which in turn purchases its cannabis stock from an industrial hemp farm in Vegreville, Alberta. Beyond the novelty factor, hemp actually makes sense as a vehicle material—it's lightweight, renewable, and as strong as glass composite.

No word on when or if the Kestrel will go into production, but Motive plans to begin testing later this year. And no, blowing up the car won't get you high. Here's hoping Motive's next step is to manufacture a hemp composite car that runs on hemp fuel.

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