Nokia Buys Mobile Analytics Firm Motally, Boosts App Powers


Nokia’s revealed it’s buying mobile analytics firm Motally. This will give Nokia insight into how iPhone and Android apps work, as well as its own offerings–a smart move if your smartphone business isn’t what it could be.

The deal is for an unknown sum, and it should be completed sometime in the fall of this year, subject to the usual regulatory approvals. Motally itself has been in and out of the news this year a number of times, as it’s been tweaking its code to allow for some really powerful features–including communication from Motally’s servers back to the smartphone app in question so that debugging or more detailed tracking can go on. It’s currently optimized to inform app developers and Web app writers for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry what’s going on when users actually use their apps, but presumably Nokia will now adjust it for Meego and Symbian.

And of course, it’ll keep the other OS app analytical powers running as normal, because it may be able to get some valuable insight into how these competitors are making a success (or not) of their own smartphone app efforts.

Nokia is still highly profitable, but its smartphone business isn’t what it could be, with the firm falling behind the leading edge in smartphone design. Since the future of cell phones involves the death, or at least deprecation, of dumbphones and featurephones, this is bad news for Nokia’s long-term business strategy. Maybe Motally will help Meego achieve the same kind of smartphone-sale-propelling app successes as others have seen.

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