iFive: Confirmation of Oil Residue, Tablet News, Secret Net Neutrality Meeting, Google Maps, Adopt-a-Word

When you’re innovation, Friday is just another day

While you were sleeping, innovation was wondering which look works best when you’re bad to the bone: gothic tattoos, or carmine pajamas.


1. The Government’s claim that the lion’s share of oil is gone from the Gulf of Mexico has been disproven by scientists, with Bill Lehr of the NOAA claiming that “most of it is still in the environment.” And a study published in Science seems to back him up, saying there’s a plume of chemical one kilometer below the surface of the sea, that is up to 200 meters deep. Elsewhere, BP and Transocean are squabbling over what went wrong on April 20, the date of the Deepwater rig explosion, reports the Washington Post, and so miffed is Transocean that it’s written its bedfellow a letter. And the New York Times claims that anyone wanting compensation will have to waive their right to sue BP and the other major defendants.

2. There’s a whole slew of tablet news going on right now. HP’s purchase of Palm now has a point: there’s a webOS tablet coming out early next year. The news trickled out during HP’s earnings call yesterday. And RIM’s iPad rival looks a little more concrete: the firm is using tech found in BMW’s audio products and Crusher tanks, says Bloomberg. That will be fun. And People’s iPad app will be free for subscribers to the dead-tree version, says the New York Times.

3. The net neutrality row is rumbling on, with the Information Technology Industry Council having a behind-closed doors meeting to discuss the situation. Reps from Verizon, AT&T, Skype, Microsoft, Cisco and the Communications Workers of America were all there.

4. All eyes might have been on Facebook yesterday, but Google posted a little reminder that they’re hot on the location front. 100 million people use Google Maps each month, said Vic Gundotra on the Google Mobile blog. Ah, said VentureBeat, he’s picking a fight. Google later told TechCrunch that the timing was merely coincidental.

5. Maybe you’d like to adopt a word. I’ve chosen prandicle–and now I’m hungry.

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