I Won’t See the Google Movie Unless Justin Timberlake Stars as Larry Page

In the wake of The Social Network’s buzz, another Internet giant may be getting the big-screen treatment: Google.

Google logo

The Social Network isn’t out yet, but it’s already the recipient of a steady stream of buzz, largely thanks to its impressive pedigree (written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher, starring Jesse Eisenberg and, um, Justin Timberlake) and its mysterious, enticing trailers. If the movie is as good as, against all odds, it looks, it could be a huge hit. And huge hits spawn copycats.


Enter Groundswell Productions, headed by producer Michael London (Milk, Sideways, The Informant!). As reported by Deadline, Groundswell, along with producer John Morris, has acquired the rights to a book called Googled: The End of the World as We Know It, written by Ken Auletta.

Like The Social Network, the Google movie will explain the origins of the ubiquitous company, the product of two Stanford Ph.D students (Sergey Brin and Larry Page) who worked under the (frequently challenged) motto “don’t be evil.” Says London:

“It’s about these two young guys who created a company that changed the world, and how the world in turn changed them. The heart of the movie is their wonderful edict, ‘don’t be evil.’ At a certain point in the evolution of a company so big and powerful, there are a million challenges to that mandate. Can you stay true to principles like that as you become as rich and powerful as that company has become? The intention is to be sympathetic to Sergey and Larry, and hopefully the film will be as interesting as the company they created.”

There’s no word on a writer, director, or actors, seeing as how the book rights were just secured, but I think we should all get together and give our suggestions. I’ll start it off: Michel Gondry to direct. Think about all those bright, primary colors in the Google logo!

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