Trump Tea Bags: Taste the Status

Donald Trump

I’ve long theorized that starting a tea brand is the new status symbol for the up-and-coming, but with Donald Trump’s introduction of his own tea line, I guess the trend has moved to the already-uber-rich as well. Trump, along with Talbott Teas, has launched Trump Tea, with an initial four blends named after his favorite places: Park Avenue, Union Square, Westchester, and Mar-a-Lage.

From Paris’ Mariage Freres and Kusmi Tea to Singapore’s TWG Tea, it’s no hidden secret that tea has its romantic, luxurious, exclusive, haute couture aspects, but with Trump’s entrance onto the tea scene, I wonder how exclusive the whole tea trend will remain? Wineries and museums, because of the sheer size of investment needed to start them, will always remain a status symbol of the rich and elite, but what about tea?

Stay tuned for exclusive stories on up-and-coming tea brands and interviews with the entrepreneurs behind them, from the United States to Asia to Australasia. Put the kettle on!

[Images via]JN