• 08.26.13

Mercedes C-Class Goes Back In Time To Kill Hitler

Mercedes’ Collision Prevention Assist technology “detects dangers before they come up.”

Mercedes C-Class Goes Back In Time To Kill Hitler


You know a car’s Collision Prevention Assist technology is really good when it not only prevents minor accidents but can stop genocide.

A trio of German film students made a high-quality (albeit highly unauthorized) commercial for the C-Class Mercedes-Benz, in which the car travels back in time to an Austrian village to run over the young Adolf Hitler (while the car steers clear of other youths playing in the road). The technology, you see, “detects dangers before they come up.”

According to their YouTube page, the film students–Tobia Haase, Jan Mettler, and Lydia Lohse-wanted to ask: “What would the world be like if machines have a soul? Where it could lead, if technology makes decisions about life and death? Can a decisive six-cylinder flout basic human coexistence, to change world history?”

The final shot is particularly zingy–there’s nothing creepier than kiddie Hitler road kill, mangled into the shape of a swastika.

Needless to say, Mercedes does not approve, hence the very thorough disclaimers.

Hat tip to Adfreak.

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