What Is The Deal With These Posters of Fake Movies Mentioned On “Seinfeld”?

Seinfeld famously billed itself as a show about nothing, but keen-eyed viewers could tell what the show was secretly about: fictitious movies.

The recently departed and dearly missed 30 Rock referenced more fake TV shows than just about any other show, as we’ve mentioned before. When it comes to fake movies, though, Seinfeld was king of the castle. Now, thanks to the folks at Next Movie, we can get a glimpse at how those films might’ve turned out.

The attention to trends in posters here is spot on, with composition that seems ripped right out of today’s theater displays. What’s interesting, though, is that the creators have eschewed casting period-appropriate actors in these films that were all conceived in the 1990s, opting instead for current stars like Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Craig. (Flaming Globes of Sigmund star George Clooney wasn’t even on ER yet when the episode that mentioned that film originally aired.)

It’s not just actors that populate these posters, however; directors are also listed, and it’s fun to see who was chosen for what. Lars von Trier, for instance, seems like a credible choice as the director of Rochelle, Rochelle, which you may recall as the story of a young girl’s strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk. Terrence Malick, whose films are often more like cinematic tone poems, is the director of Ponce de León.

Now, if only Bee Movie were just a pretend poster and not Jerry Seinfeld’s only recent foray into film. Have a look at the posters in the slides above.JB