Infographic: Analyze Hitchcock With This Statistical Breakdown of His Movies

The Guardian celebrates what would have been Alfred Hitchcock’s 114th birthday with a deep look at some data mined from his filmography.

The best way to pay tribute to a filmmaker whose lead characters almost always operated out of obsession is by digging in obsessively, and with its recent tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, the Guardian has done just that.


In celebration of what would have been the 114th birthday of The Master of Suspense, the U.K.-based news organization combed through all of his work and put together a list of surprising statistics. The 39 Stats plumbs the murky depths of Hitchcock’s laudable filmography for patterns and recurring motifs. Among the revelations are the most popular ways for his characters to meet their ends, what percentage of his heroines were blonde, and which film embodied the greatest number of his themes.

Have a look below to enlighten yourself.

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